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There have been several instances of Indian tourists being subjected to pick pocketing and theft in recent past in Paris. Indian tourists, visiting Paris are, therefore, advised:

  •  Not to carry too many valuables, cash and credit cards while travelling by public transport, including metros. While travelling on public transport they should be cautious in their response to approaches from strangers.
  •  Adequate precaution should be taken while storing valuables including passports in the hotel; please note that a number of cases of theft of bags/briefcases have been reported from hotel lobbies, when left unattended even for a brief time.
  •  Keep photocopies of passport and visa separately.

In the event of a mishap, the Indian Embassy in Paris can be contacted on the following address:

20-22 Rue Alberic Magnard
75016 Paris
01 40 50 70 70
       01 40 50 51 09
       01 40 50 50 94