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Embassy of India, in association with Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) organised a "Conference on Sanskrit, as repository of wisdom and fountainhead of harmonious world order" on 21 June 2017 in the premises of Embassy. This Conference was organised on the occasion of Third International Day of Yoga.

Six eminent Professors from India namely Prof. P.N. Shastry, Prof. Gopabandhu Mishra, Prof. Mahadevan, Dr. Shrinivasa Varakhedi, Dr. H. V. Nagaraja Rao and Shri K. Venkatesha Moorthy delivered lectures on various topics including 'Sanskrit for Wisdom, peace and harmony worldwide'; 'Sanskrit: the mother of Indian Culture'; Samskritam – the Language of Universal Peace; 'Karma Yoga & Global Sustainability: Perspectives from Bhagavad Gita'; ‘Subhashitas’ in Sanskrit for holistic development and peace' and 'The Concept of ‘World Peace’'.

The Conference delved on the importance of Sanskrit in understanding Indian civilisation and also its role in alleviating the individual and collective problems faced by humanity. The speakers emphasized on the role of Sanskrit in Indian civilization and its importance in solving problems related to human life in the present day world. The speakers quoted Sanskrit shlokas from several ancient texts dealing with concepts of world peace, ecology and environment. Important themes discussed in this Conference include ‘Concept of world peace, as enshrined in Vedic Literature’, ‘Sanskrit literature and ecological harmony’ , ‘Universal brotherhood and Sanskrit literature and ‘Yoga as holistic relation between men and nature’.

Ambassador of India His Excellency Dr. Mohan Kumar inaugurated the Conference and underscored the importance of learning Sanskrit for understanding Indian culture. Several Professors of Sanskrit from various universities of France, eminent research scholars, students, Indian diaspora enthusiastically participated in this Conference.