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The country has 29 states and 7 union territories. Each of the Indian state and union territory of India is blessed with several investment opportunities depending on their geographical location and availability of natural resources. These opportunities are further enhanced by the rapid technological advancements taking place in almost all states that enhance the ability to innovate and grow. There exists plethora of diversified investment opportunities across India and the respective state Governments are taking progressive steps such as development of powerful infrastructure and formulating conducive and stable policies to harness the same. The state Governments have devised investor friendly policies in terms of incentives and concessions offered for several sectors such as biotechnology, infrastructure and information technology among others to promote FDI into their respective states. A healthy competition has emerged among states to attract investment in their states and this has proved to be beneficial for the potential investor.

States of India

State & Union Territory Investment Policies

State & Union Territory level Investment Opportunities

List of State/UT Investment Agencies

State Schemes for Investment: