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Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-India (Neuilly-sur-Seine)-is a chamber of Indian firms based in France and French firms having interests in India. Based in the Paris Region, it has 500 members. It does advocacy work for promotion of India-France commercial relations and has partnership agreements with CII & FICCI.

Business Club France-India (Marseille)-Set up in 2014 with support from the Embassy of India (Paris), it is a business club to foster closer commercial relations between India and France. Based in the second largest French city of Marseille, the Club provides information and guidance to Indian and French companies.

A study by PwC on the experiences of Indian investors in France commissioned by the Embassy of India (Paris) can be seen here

Business France brings out a comprehensive guide on ‘Doing Business in France’ with sections devoted to local laws related to employment, taxation, enterprise creation, etc. Click on the following links to download the two separate booklets: Establishing a Business  & Government Support & Finance

Agreement on Social Security between India & France- The bilateral social security agreement signed on 30 September, 2008 between India and France has been ratified by both countries and has come into effect from 1st July 2011.  The agreement will protect the interests of expatriate workers and the companies on a reciprocal basis.  It helps workers by (i) providing for exemption from social security contribution in case of short-term contracts;  (ii) exportability of pension in case of relocation to the home country or any third country; and (iii) totalisation of the contribution periods. The agreement will strengthen economic relations between the two countries and will encourage bilateral investments.  It will be beneficial for companies, as exemption from social security contribution towards old age and disability pension in respect of their employees will reduce costs and will make companies more competitive.  However, contributions for other aspects of social security in both countries including medical insurance, accident etc., will continue. (Download the Agrement)

For Indian employees coming to France, please consult:

 For French employees going to India, please consult:

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