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The mandate of Railway Wing of the Embassy of India in France broadly consists of material inspections for Indian Railways and liasoning with various European Railway organisations/bodies for technical consultations.

The specialised activities of the Railway Wing include;

  • Pre-shipment inspection of stores contracted by Indian Railways (IR) in Europe including Prototype/Acceptance testing of various components/subassemblies used in railway systems.
  • International Cooperation with various European railways and international railway bodies like UIC (International Union of Railways).
  • Technical information and liasoning as required by IR organisations like Railway Board, RDSO, Production Units and Other Zonal Railways from various European Railways.

Liaison with Railway industry in Europe-This includes capacity, capability assessment of manufacturers for specific products and obtain information of interest in respect to Railway technologies, practices and trends from various railway manufacturers in Europe.    


Contact details

Mr. L. Ramesh Babu

First Secretary (Economic & Commercial) & HOC

Embassy of India

15 Rue Alfred Dehodencq

75016 Paris

Telephone: 01 40 50 50 56

[email protected]