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Merger of PIO Card and OCI Card: Clarifications for the PIO Card holders.

  1. The date of submission of application for registeration as OCI cardholder in lieu of PIO card online has been extended till 30.9.2015. All PIO card holders are requested to follow the deadline.
  2. Advantage of obtaining an OCI card in lieu of the PIO Card. OCI card is a smart card which will facilitate quicker immigration and consular services. 
  3. PIO card holders can now submit OCI card application at their place of normal residence. This is in modification of the earlier instructions that they should apply only at the location where the PIO card was issued.
  4. The grant of OCI card in lieu of PIO card will be on gratis basis. The applicants will have to bear only postage charges and service fee. 
  5. The PIO card holders can get their new passport numbers endorsed on their existing PIO card till they get their OCI card.
  6. Foreign national spouse of an Indian natonal who is no more will be eligible for OCI card provided he/she has not married again.
  7. Foreign national children of an Indian national who is no more will also be elgible for OCI card.
  8. Foreign national spouse of a PIO/OCI cardholder whose parents/grandparents are/were of Indian origin will also be eligible for OCI card.
  9. In case a PIO card is reported to be lost, the fee for replacement card will have to paid. It will be Rs.5500/- till further orders. This will be reviewed in September 2015.
  10. No fee will be levied in case of change of personal particulars e.g. passport no., address, occupation etc. while submitting the OCI card in lieu of the PIO card.


PIO Alert

PIO Scheme has been withdrawn and merged with OCI scheme.

With effect from 8.4.2015, it is mandatory to replace PIO cards with OCI cards.

Applications for replacement can be submitted using the web link :

The facility is free of charge. However, service charge to M/s. VFS, will need to be paid


PIO cards to remain valid until further instructions.

PIO card holders were earlier informed about the withdrawal of PIO card Scheme and it being mandatory to replace PIO cards with OCI cards with effect from 8.4.2015.

It has now been decided by the Ministry of Home Affairs that PIO cards will be valid beyond 8.4.2015 and applying for OCI cards in lieu of PIO cards at the website will remain optional until further instructions.

PIO card holders can thus continue using their PIO cards for travel to India until further notice.