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It has been decided to outsource passport and consular services also to M/s VF Services (UK) Ltd, with effect from 15 January 2015.

From 15 January 2015, application forms for passport services will be accepted at the centres in Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Strasbourg and Bordeaux.  Applications for passport services can be deposited at any of these centres, depending on the convenience of the applicant irrespective of the place of residence of the applicant. The addresses of these centres are given below:

1. Paris: 42-44, Rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris
2. Marseille: 18-22, Rue Edmond Rostand, 13006 Marseille
3. Lyon: 20 rue de la Villette, Le Bonnel 5th Floor, 69328 Lyon Cedex 03
4. Strasbourg: 20, place des Halles, 67000 Strasbourg, Tour Europe-13th Floor
5. Bordeaux : 81, Boulevard Pierre 1er, 33110 Le Bouscat, Bordeaux

For detailed information please visit:

Embassy has not appointed or authorized any other agency or individual agent to render any passport service on behalf of the Embassy and it shall not be responsible for any transaction made with unauthorized agencies / agents.

For any enquiry or information or clarification please call:

From within France:  08 92 23 03 58

From outside France: + 1 214 257 1048

Or visit,

Website in French: -Under Construction-

Website in English:


Applications for the following services will be received at the VF Services (UK) at the above mentioned addresses:

  • Issue of Birth Certificate based on the information in the Passport
  • Registration of Birth and issue of passport to the new born baby
  • Issue of Certificate of Concordance to justify the discrepancy between the name in the Birth Certificate and the Passport
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Attestation of Life Certificate (for pension purpose)
  • Issue of ‘Certificat de Coutume’ for the purpose of marriage

Applications for the following services will be received directly at the Embassy of India (Consular Wing, 20-22, Rue Alberic Magnard, 75016 Paris) between 0930hrs and 1130hrs.  The processed documents can be collected the same/or next working day between 0930hrs to 1130hrs.

  • Issuance of Emergency Certificates/Short Validity Passports to Indian nationals on account     of loss of Passport during their visit to France.
  • Issuance of Sworn Affidavit in lieu of a Surrender Certificate.  This is applicable for persons of Indian origin born in India and having foreign nationality by acquisition or by birth and never held Indian passport.
  • Attestation services for legal documents
  • Registration of Death of Indian nationals