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The Embassy has been informed about a few instances of Indian students/young professionals having received calls purportedly from number 01 53 69 53 70, belonging to L’Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration (OFII), Paris, stating that they had filled in wrong information at the Immigration and that cases had been initiated against them. The caller usually stated that proceedings were being initiated against them by French Administration and they would be deported to India unless they paid a fine or penalty for closure of their case/files. The standard modus operandi has been to tell the students/professionals that they have deliberately suppressed information while filling immigration form and ask them to pay the penalty/fine through Western Union/ or unrecognized banking channels.

2. The Embassy has taken up this matter with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, who have informed that the calls from the above number have not been initiated by OFII, Paris. Ministry of Interior of France is already investigating this matter.

3. Indian students / professionals working in France are, therefore, advised

  • Not to panic and not to pay heed to such calls.
  • Inform Indian Embassy immediately in case they receive such calls and send relevant details at [email protected]
  • Not to transfer any money towards penalty/fine through Western Union or any other unrecognized banking channel.
  • Check with the concerned OFII office themselves

4. For further information, Embassy of India in Paris can be contacted at the following address:

20-22 Rue Alberic Magnard
75016 Paris
Tel: 01 40 50 70 70 , 01 40 50 51 09 , 
01 40 50 50 94